Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am by no means an authority on music (or anything for that matter) but I know what i like, and Slimmy has a lovely sound.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boots Boots Boots

I know i've been talking a lot about boots but I'm still hunting for great leather boots. I thought I had purchased a pair but as it turns out they were sold out all across Canada. So the search continues. I'm still in love with Fiorentini & Baker - they're just so great. So back to one of the originals i fell for at Barneys. The Ella. Unbelievably these are not on sale yet (the rest of the world is on sale - but not the boots i want, of course)

I really really heart these boots. I think they'll be perfect!

I did however make an amazing purchase last week. When i found out about the snow storm i was flying into in Toronto (home for the holidays) I made a last minute trip to pick up some boots to keep me warm and dry. I'd tried these on before as I've been eying them for a while this time however the stars were aligned and they were available in my size and (bonus) they were on sale! They have kept my feet toasty warm and dry and I've looked cute at the same time.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

let's talk about toile

Here's the thing, I love Toile. Love it. I can't really explain it, there's just something about it that I'm drawn to. I've been very careful to not over do it in my apartment, actually i think i've refrained rather well all things considered.
Should I ever get the opportunity to decorate & furnish a place of my own (read: own not rent) I'd love to use this type of 'reverse' toile - maybe not in a wall paper (but maybe so), possibly in a fabric or some such thing...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pant Obsession

Um, can you say "Fabulous"!? I love these bad boys from Rock & Republic:Killer with heels or (my new Fiorentini & Baker) boots!

What can i say? It's boot season!

Ok when I first saw these at Holts at the beginning of the season I was completely drawn to them, then I saw them at Barney's in black! So great! These would be my one completely needless indulgence should they get marked down to some sort of unbelievable deal within the next month.

For the record, I've tried them on and they're fabulous! Maybe not a must have, but love for sure. This is the best shot of them i have, Holts has them in grey (which i could totally amortize because grey is the new black and has been for a year already) and Barney's has them in black. J'adore.

Kids These Days

I took these pics a few months ago while I was in Italy. It was my first time there, needless to say I loved it. Anyways the kids there all had these really cool hair cuts with short tufts at the top of their heads, boys and girls alike.

Any guesses how long it will take to come into fashion here? 2 years?

I'm so obviously a wanna-be Sartorialist here, but i could even ask these guys if I could take their picture. I resorted to stealth tourist picture snapping mode. It got the job done.


I've been visiting these sunglasses at Holts for a few months now. They come in a few different colour options but the ones pictured here are the ones I want. I have to admit - I look fabulous in them. I love how I look like my mom in the 70's.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's keeping me up tonight

I'm completely obsessed with boots right now. I've been on the hunt for 3 years for the perfect pair of boots. I think part of the reason it's taken so long is probably that I didn't know what I wanted. Now i have so many that I want I don't know where to begin... or at least I didn't until tonight.

Fiorentini & Baker is arguably the best boot designer out there right now, I'm currently lusting for 3 different styles from them but i think i know where I'm starting...
My requirements for boots were simple; must look good with tights AND jeans, must be made of leather, must be sturdy enough & a classic enough style to not only last for a few years but for me to remain in love with them for a few years. Simple really.

Thank you recession for putting these on an incredible sale, therefore allowing me to consider this purchase(read:investment) 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Happy early Christmas to me.