Monday, May 23, 2011

Current Obsession(s)

First of all I find myself drawn to EVERYTHING Rosegold.
I've decided it's my official metal. Well that and Gunmetal.
Plus, how awesome are they combined?

Which leads me to these gorgeous studs...
Now admittedly I hardly wear earrings, i've had trouble finding ones that a) i want to wear all the time and b) are comfortable (somehow as I get older I've gotten more sensitive). Sooo.... for me to be obsessed over these here little dandies is saying something.

And I may or may not have a complete fascination (read: obsession) with the entire Eddie Borgo S/S/11 collection.

Buy your own here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Contact Toronto :: Hermann & Audrey exhibit

Friday night I went to the Hermann & Audrey exhibit opening party for Contact.

Mind = Blown

If you're into art, photography, and creativity - go check out their exhibit at 99 Gallery, 99 Sudbury. Here's a time lapse video from Friday night.

Hermann & Audrey - Opening Party Timelapse. from Hermann & Audrey on Vimeo.

For some insight from the photographers themselves go here.