Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Love

I was perusing through my file of inspiration pics the other day and came across this photo of a diamond ring. I instantly fell in love, all over again.

Should I ever be so fortunate to receive such a thing, and should there be any sort of question asked along with it... There's no question what the answer would be.

For my Fortieth...

yes yes, it's years away (cough cough), but still it's good to plan these things.

let's have a moment for the most lovely Birkin I've ever seen. 'Black and White Dalmation' in Buffalo leather. 
Have you ever? 

Here's a close up of the Dalmation effect...


In ten years...

 I am married with at least two children. We live in a home that we own with a back yard. It’s big enough for our family to be comfortable, full of art and photography. We travel often for pleasure, as a family and spend as much time as possible with extended family (grandparents, cousins etc.).
  We are financially stable and have a financial plan, which secures our early retirement as well as our children’s education – as extensive as that may be.
   Creativity is encouraged and fostered in our household as well as my husband and my Core Values. Laughter is the common soundtrack in our home. And although we take two family vacations a year, we take two smaller getaways for just the two of us throughout the year as well. We understand the continual efforts on both our parts that are required to sustain a long and loving marriage.

J'adore Dior

Holt Renfrew sent me a lovely email yesterday letting me know the latest & greatest shoes from Dior had arrived.

 I've got my eye on these lovely wedges for day (perfect with some extreme flare bell bottom jeans, me thinks!)

And for night, what could be more classic and elegant than these black leather peep toes?