Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Instant Classic?

As I've previously mentioned, I have a (very innocent) school girl crush on Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair". I think she's adorable and it's catchy and innocent and is exactly what young girls need to be listening to since RiRi went all good girl gone tramp on them.

So for a big girl like me, when icons in Classic Rock 'n Roll cover such a quirky fun song. I just about died. The humour, the irony, the pure hilarity of it all. Kudos. Instant classic. 

Mr Young, The Boss - I applaud you.

All I want for Christmas (part 1 )

Dearest Santa, I have been oh so good this year...

These monochromatic playing cards would make an amazing stocking stuffer.

As would these adorable paper clips w/ crows
(if you haven't noticed from my tumblr i have thing for crows & skulls)

for under the tree... 
this would be the perfect new home for my macbook pro...

a gift that keeps on giving... for the both of us...

and what girl doesn't want a piece of (the much anticipated return of) Tom Ford 
(take that any way you like)

As always I'll leave beer (still drinking Stella Artois?) and peanuts for you.

Love Always,
Miss Content

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interior Inspiration

I'm redecorating. And inspired.

Where can I find this headboard? I need it.

The carpet, the pictures... le sigh.


space envy.

the perfect setting for my antique tea cup collection, me thinks.

Reminiscing Asia

I have no idea why I'm in a reminiscent kind of mood right now, but I am. 
I was just perusing my photos from various trips to Asia and pulled a few of my favourite shots. 

Crabs for sale, $20 - New meaning to Fast Food?
Hong Kong, 2007

Hong Kong, 2008 

Shanghai, 2008 - From the roof of #5 on The Bund

Shanghai, 2008 - From the roof of #5 on The Bund

Shanghai, 2008 - The Bund

Acting noodles with stewed spore ribs.
Fast Food at the airport, Shanghai 2008

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not too old to Whip My Hair

I just don't think there's an age limit for fun. Deal.