Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birth of perversion/subversion and ultimate diversion of fashion photography! wait..what!?

I have yet to meet anyone who wouldn't fancy/influenced by an ad full of cliches.."rustic/out of my uncles basement" couch with some product wedged between beautiful yet strangely unhappy (crack much?) women and an android/ambiguous/endogenous guy.. so it does make me question what i want or who i want and the answer is always the same..spicy salmon roll! oh wait ..wrong post..anyhoo..what do we want!!? women ? money? power? long legs with deliberately exaggerated tones of clashing/high cheekbones and eyeliners!!? NO.. i want those bags i assume that they are holding/thrown under ..(assuming i was a woman of course)  MULBERRY .. understated as long as its not fashionably  thrown over  top of women .
So why Mr./Mrs. photographer did you make me think and ponder/ question life and  existence when all you wanted me was to rush to the nearest shop and pick up pieces of cows stitched together with thread ?
 Must be the hard times we're in..where are the days when ad's meant something and had substance and a clear message?  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All that's missing is the bike...

Ladies and Gents, I give you D&G's Black Leather Biker Jacket;

Thank you very much.

Polka Dot Me Happy!

Just when i thought if I never saw another Polka Dot again it would be too soon, Miu Miu does the most awesomest update (read: polka dots on whipsnake!!!) on an old classic.

I adore this bag, it's sooo Lovely. And don't you think that these Alexander McQueen shoes would go perfectly with it!?

Yup. Me too. *sigh*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ello Mates..

As miss content said ..her and i go way back..back to the days when W. Bush did a wicked skit for mad t.v where he landed on a ship, i think it was called "mission accomplished" ..oh wait. i must have got my facts about that "skit" from the same source he was getting his intelligence from!?Anyways..since this is a fashion blog i must stick to the rules unless its still "fashionable" to make fun of our political twits?
 So chin up old chums..i shall return with a review of something soo overpriced and useless yet desirable and exclusive  that i can only hint in hushed tones...( its available only on earth. for as long as someone is willing to pay for it..)

And then there were two...

I'm so very excited to welcome a very good friend of mine to my blog! Sir Gavin and I go waaay back and he is the only Straight Male I know who can rival my lovely friend Jill in the 'Fashion Knowledge' department. As if that's not impressive enough, Sir G loves to shop more than I do, is quite lovely on the eyes, and has the sexiest English accent to boot. So Be sure to read his postings with the accent in mind - it adds to the deliciousness.

Welcome Friend!