Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ta-Da! Shooting Sundays... a sampler

As i previously posted I'm collaborating with some friends on Sundays to get the creative juices flowing, and to get/stay/be inspired. We started off today without a plan or direction and the results were fantastic! I've only got a sampling of two pics to share for now as the rest are being processed. Derrick was kind enough to process one of me ( i was not the model, I do behind the scenes stuff - styling/makeup/direction/etc - and supposed to be learning photography) right off the bat, I was standing in to get the lighting figured out.

This was the last set of the day. Amazing how one's apartment transforms when you cover the floor with records. They added a lot of color and interest and kept the background really busy. We had Jill in a simple white tank top and denim, then added some props. I can't wait to show you the end results with the real model standing in. As it is, i think I'll frame this one for my parents - they like that kinda thing.

And here's the real star of the show - Jill really worked the camera, and considering she'd rather be behind the scenes than the star of the show she absolutely rocked it. She has incredible bone structure and the contrast of the dark hair and her light skin were so fun to work with. This set we had the most fun with - this is the kind of makeup i really REALLY love doing. Working with a minimal background (which i realize is not visible in this shot - just wait!) and simple clothes that offered a great silhouette really allowed us to have some fun with the makeup and hair. The chunky bracelet also really added a lot of texture to the whole thing.

Let me know your thoughts, stay tuned over the next couple of days for a few more pics.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Those who know me, know that brunch is my favorite meal (to eat, to make, to host...) and pancakes/crepes/waffles/etc are my favorite food group (to eat, to make, to serve...).

My lovely little waffle iron has served me well for a good 5 years and is now slowly dying a sad sad death with his non-stick coating flaking off at a rapid rate. Which means that it was time for a visit to Williams Sonoma for me! Sadly they were out of stock of their All Clad 4 Waffle Maker but they have ordered it for me and within the next two weeks I will happily adopt it and give it a new and loving home. So friends, stay tuned as you know how much I love to host Brunch!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shoot Me!

Ok, i've had a thing for leather pants since I was a young teen. Me being the particular type that I am though I only see a tear or pic of ones that I really like every few years. The last pair that I fell in love with were back in the day when I watched General Hospital - I pretty much wanted to be Sam - I wanted her dark flowey/messy/sex bomb hair, her rough and tough attitude, I wanted Jason Morgan to fall in love with me like he fell in love with her and I really REALLY wanted her wardrobe - which was comprised of black everything and with her micro-petite figure they had her in corsets and leather pants and jeans and motorcycle jackets and all the most awesome of everything. I guess you had to be there...
ANYWAYS, she had these awesome black leather pants that were clearly made for her and I've been wanting them for years.... until now. Now i want these most incredible ones snapped on the streets of Paris (of course!)
I spend half my time wanting to be the Sartorialist travelling the world, capturing the world's most beautiful people wearing the most incredible clothing in the most beautiful and culture rich countries. And the other half of the time I spend wanting to be one of his subjects.


The odds are against me becoming a supermodel, I do plan to travel the world though, and I do plan to take my own pictures. I've been toying with photography for a while and am finding myself more and more drawn and inspired by it. SO I've collaborated with a couple of great friends who are also looking for inspiration and expansion on their creative outlets and we're going to start regular Sunday Shoot days.
So stay tuned to see what I post apres Sunday - we're looking for guest collaborators so if you're in the 'hood and you are looking for a creative outlet we're planning on using all of our favorite swag & accessories, and makeup, grab the cameras and lighting and set up shop wherever we're feeling and just have some fun. I think it'll be fun to see the progress as we go, and I'd love to have your feedback!

Happy weekending!